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Please note:
Plugs are sold in full flats of 72. Quarts are sold in full flats of 12 or 15, depending on species.

Species listed are not always reflective of current herbaceous availability. Availability will be confirmed once quote or order is submitted.


Common Name/Product Scientific Name Available Quantity Add to Quote Price Code
Yarrow Quart Achillea millefolium Quart
Yarrow Quart
Sweetflag Plug Acorus americanus Plug
Sweetflag Plug
Sweetflag Quart Acorus americanus Quart
Sweetflag Quart
Big Bluestem Quart Andropogon gerardii Quart
Big Bluestem Quart
Broomsedge Plug Andropogon virginicus Plug
Broomsedge Plug
Broomsedge Quart Andropogon virginicus Quart
Broomsedge Quart
Red Columbine Plug Aquilegia canadensis Plug
Red Columbine Plug
Red Columbine Quart Aquilegia canadensis Quart
Red Columbine Quart
Wild Ginger Plug Asarum canadense Plug
Wild Ginger Plug
Swamp Milkweed Plug Asclepias incarnata Plug
Swamp Milkweed Plug
Blue Wood Aster Quart Aster cordifolius Quart
Blue Wood Aster Quart
White Wood Aster #1 Aster divaricatus #1
White Wood Aster #1
White Wood Aster Quart Aster divaricatus Quart
White Wood Aster Quart
Calico Aster Plug Aster lateriflorus Plug
Calico Aster Plug
New England Aster Quart Aster novae-angliae Quart
New England Aster Quart
New York Aster #1 Aster novi-belgii #1
New York Aster #1
New York Aster Quart Aster novi-belgii Quart
New York Aster Quart
Lady Fern Quart Athyrium filix-femina Quart
Lady Fern Quart
Sideoats Grama Quart Bouteloua curtipendula Quart
Sideoats Grama Quart
Marsh Marigold Quart Caltha palustris Quart
Marsh Marigold Quart
Appalachian sedge Quart Carex appalachica Quart
Appalachian sedge Quart
Longhair Sedge Plug Carex comosa Plug
Longhair Sedge Plug
Longhair Sedge Quart Carex comosa Quart
Longhair Sedge Quart
Fringed Sedge Plug Carex crinita Plug
Fringed Sedge Plug
Porcupine Sedge Plug Carex hystericina Plug
Porcupine Sedge Plug
Bladder Sedge Plug Carex intumescens Plug
Bladder Sedge Plug
Lurid Sedge Plug Carex lurida Plug
Lurid Sedge Plug
Lurid Sedge Quart Carex lurida Quart
Lurid Sedge Quart
Pennsylvania Sedge #1 Carex pensylvanica #1
Pennsylvania Sedge #1
Pennsylvania Sedge Quart Carex pensylvanica Quart
Pennsylvania Sedge Quart
Broom Sedge Plug Carex scoparia Plug
Broom Sedge Plug
Tussock Sedge Plug Carex stricta Plug
Tussock Sedge Plug
Tussock Sedge Quart Carex stricta Quart
Tussock Sedge Quart
Fox Sedge #1 Carex vulpinoidea #1
Fox Sedge #1
Fox Sedge Plug Carex vulpinoidea Plug
Fox Sedge Plug
Fox Sedge Quart Carex vulpinoidea Quart
Fox Sedge Quart
Indian Woodoats Plug Chasmanthium latifolium Plug
Indian Woodoats Plug
Green and Gold Quart Chrysogonum virginianum Quart
Green and Gold Quart
Tufted-Hair Grass #1 Deschampsia cespitosa #1
Tufted-Hair Grass #1
Tufted-Hair Grass Plug Deschampsia cespitosa Plug
Tufted-Hair Grass Plug
Tufted-Hair Grass Quart Deschampsia cespitosa Quart
Tufted-Hair Grass Quart
Marginal Fern Quart Dryopteris marginalis Quart
Marginal Fern Quart
Purple Coneflower Quart Echinacea purpurea Quart
Purple Coneflower Quart
Bottlebrush Grass #1 Elymus hystrix #1
Bottlebrush Grass #1
Bottlebrush Grass Plug Elymus hystrix Plug
Bottlebrush Grass Plug
Bottlebrush Grass Quart Elymus hystrix Quart
Bottlebrush Grass Quart
Riverbank Wild Rye Plug Elymus riparius Plug
Riverbank Wild Rye Plug
Virginia Wildrye Quart Elymus virginicus Quart
Virginia Wildrye Quart
Horsetail Rush Plug Equisetum hymale Plug
Horsetail Rush Plug
Purple Love Grass Plug Eragrostis spectabilis Plug
Purple Love Grass Plug
Purple Love Grass Quart Eragrostis spectabilis Quart
Purple Love Grass Quart
Mistflower Plug Eupatorium coelestinum Plug
Mistflower Plug
Mistflower Quart Eupatorium coelestinum Quart
Mistflower Quart
Trumpetweed Plug Eupatorium fistulosum Plug
Trumpetweed Plug
Spotted Joe-Pye Weed Plug Eupatorium maculatum Plug
Spotted Joe-Pye Weed Plug
Common Boneset Quart Eupatorium perfoliatum Quart
Common Boneset Quart
Sweet Joe-Pye Weed Plug Eupatorium purpureum Plug
Sweet Joe-Pye Weed Plug
Sweet Joe-Pye Weed Quart Eupatorium purpureum Quart
Sweet Joe-Pye Weed Quart
Fowl Mannagrass Plug Glyceria striata Plug
Fowl Mannagrass Plug
Alum Root Quart Heuchera americana Quart
Alum Root Quart
Swamp Rose-Mallow Plug Hibiscus moscheutos Plug
Swamp Rose-Mallow Plug
Swamp Rose-Mallow Quart Hibiscus moscheutos Quart
Swamp Rose-Mallow Quart
Blueflag Iris Plug Iris versicolor Plug
Blueflag Iris Plug
Blueflag Iris Quart Iris versicolor Quart
Blueflag Iris Quart
Soft Rush Plug Juncus effusus Plug
Soft Rush Plug
Saltmeadow Rush Plug Juncus gerardii Plug
Saltmeadow Rush Plug
Path Rush Plug Juncus tenuis Plug
Path Rush Plug
Path Rush Quart Juncus tenuis Quart
Path Rush Quart
Torrey’s Rush Plug Juncus torreyi Plug
Torrey's Rush Plug
Gayfeather Plug Liatris spicata Plug
Gayfeather Plug
Gayfeather Quart Liatris spicata Quart
Gayfeather Quart
Cardinal Flower #1 Lobelia cardinalis #1
Cardinal Flower #1
Cardinal Flower Quart Lobelia cardinalis Quart
Cardinal Flower Quart
Blue Lobelia Quart Lobelia siphilitica Quart
Blue Lobelia Quart
Monkey Flower Plug Mimulus ringens Plug
Monkey Flower Plug
Pink Muhlygrass Quart Muhlenbergia capillaris Quart
Pink Muhlygrass Quart
Sensitive Fern Quart Onoclea sensibilis Quart
Sensitive Fern Quart
Cinnamon Fern Quart Osmunda cinnamomea Quart
Cinnamon Fern Quart
Royal Fern Quart Osmunda regalis Quart
Royal Fern Quart
Golden Ragwort Quart Packera aurea Quart
Golden Ragwort Quart
‘Shenandoah’ Switchgrass Quart Panicum virg. ‘Shenandoah’ Quart
'Shenandoah' Switchgrass Quart
Switchgrass Plug Panicum virgatum Plug
Switchgrass Plug
Switchgrass Quart Panicum virgatum Quart
Switchgrass Quart
Arrow Arum Plug Peltandra virginica Plug
Arrow Arum Plug
Arrow Arum Quart Peltandra virginica Quart
Arrow Arum Quart
White Beard Tongue #1 Penstemon digitalis #1
White Beard Tongue #1
Beardtongue Quart Penstemon digitalis Quart
Beardtongue Quart
Wild Blue Phlox #1 Phlox divaricata #1
Wild Blue Phlox #1
Wild Blue Phlox Quart Phlox divaricata Quart
Wild Blue Phlox Quart
Christmas Fern Quart Polystichum acro. Quart
Christmas Fern Quart
Pickerelweed Plug Pontederia cordata Plug
Pickerelweed Plug
Pickerelweed Quart Pontederia cordata Quart
Pickerelweed Quart
Mountain Mint Quart Pycnanthemum muticum Quart
Mountain Mint Quart
Orange Coneflower Quart Rudbeckia fulgida Quart
Orange Coneflower Quart
Cutleaf Coneflower Plug Rudbeckia laciniata Plug
Cutleaf Coneflower Plug
Cutleaf Coneflower Quart Rudbeckia laciniata Quart
Cutleaf Coneflower Quart
Brown-eyed Susan Quart Rudbeckia triloba Quart
Brown-eyed Susan Quart
Duck Potato Quart Sagittaria latifolia Quart
Duck Potato Quart
Lizard Tail Plug Saururus cernuus Plug
Lizard Tail Plug
Lizard Tail Quart Saururus cernuus Quart
Lizard Tail Quart
Little Bluestem Plug Schizachyrium scoparium Plug
Little Bluestem Plug
Little Bluestem Quart Schizachyrium scoparium Quart
Little Bluestem Quart
Hardstem Bulrush Plug Scirpus acutus Plug
Hardstem Bulrush Plug
Chairmakers Bulrush Plug Scirpus americanus Plug
Chairmakers Bulrush Plug
Green Bulrush Plug Scirpus atrovirens Plug
Green Bulrush Plug
Green Bulrush Quart Scirpus atrovirens Quart
Green Bulrush Quart
Threesquare Plug Scirpus pungens Plug
Threesquare Plug
Softstem Bulrush Plug Scirpus validus/tabernaemontani Plug
Softstem Bulrush Plug
Softstem Bulrush Quart Scirpus validus/tabernaemontani Quart
Softstem Bulrush Quart
Wrinkleleaf Goldenrod Plug Solidago rugosa Plug
Wrinkleleaf Goldenrod Plug
Wrinkleleaf Goldenrod Quart Solidago rugosa Quart
Wrinkleleaf Goldenrod Quart
Seaside Goldenrod Quart Solidago sempervirens Quart
Seaside Goldenrod Quart
Showy Goldenrod Plug Solidago speciosa Plug
Showy Goldenrod Plug
Smooth Cordgrass Quart Spartina alterniflora Quart
Smooth Cordgrass Quart
Salt-meadow Cordgrass Plug Spartina patens Plug
Salt-meadow Cordgrass Plug
Prairie Dropseed Sporobolus heterolepsis Plug
Prairie Dropseed
Foam Flower Quart Tiarella cordifolia Quart
Foam Flower Quart
Purpletop Tridens Plug Tridens flavus Plug
Purpletop Tridens Plug
Common Cattail Plug Typha latifolia Plug
Common Cattail Plug
Common Cattail Quart Typha latifolia Quart
Common Cattail Quart
New York Ironweed Plug Vernonia noveboracensis Plug
New York Ironweed Plug
Pink Muhlygrass #1 Muhlenbergia capillaris #1
Pink Muhlygrass #1
Stiff Leaved Goldenrod Solidago rigida Plug
Stiff Leaved Goldenrod
Panicled Aster Quart Aster lanceolatus Quart
Panicled Aster Quart
Calico Aster Quart Aster lateriflorus Quart
Calico Aster Quart
Aromatic Aster Plug Aster oblongifolium Plug
Aromatic Aster Plug
Frank’s Sedge Plug Carex frankii Plug
Frank's Sedge Plug
Frank’s Sedge Quart Carex frankii Quart
Frank's Sedge Quart
Porcupine Sedge Quart Carex hystericina Quart
Porcupine Sedge Quart
Pointed Broom Sedge Quart Carex scoparia Quart
Pointed Broom Sedge Quart
Awl-Fruited Sedge Plug Carex stipata Plug
Awl-Fruited Sedge Plug
Awl-fruited Sedge Quart Carex stipata Quart
Awl-fruited Sedge Quart
Cattail Sedge Quart Carex typhina Quart
Cattail Sedge Quart
Saltgrass Plug Distichlis spicata Plug
Saltgrass Plug
Horsetail Rush Quart Equisetum hymale Quart
Horsetail Rush Quart
Water Willlow DP50 Justicia americana DP50
Water Willlow DP50
Narrowleaf Cattail Plug Typha angustifolia Plug
Narrowleaf Cattail Plug
Narrowleaf Cattail Quart Typha angustifolia Quart
Narrowleaf Cattail Quart
Interrupted Fern Quart Osmunda claytoniana Quart
Interrupted Fern Quart

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