Native Plants for Your Pots and Flower Beds

native plants for pots and flower beds black eyed susans

Black-Eyed Susans are one of a few native plants perfect for your spring flower pots and flower beds.

Native plants are the backbone of any local ecosystem. In the Maryland, Virginia, and Mid-Atlantic region, you can find several native plants that thrive in our natural climate conditions. If you’re considering updating your garden this spring or starting a new garden altogether, several excellent options will not only be easy to care for but will look very appealing when growing in any yard. Whether you plan on starting small with a few potted plants, or you want to nourish an entire flower bed, there are native plants in American Native Plant’s nursery waiting to be planted by you. 

Purple Coneflowers, or Echinacea

Known for their large centers and downward-facing petals, coneflowers come in a few varieties but always add a pop of color to any flower pots or garden beds. The purple coneflower, or Echinacea purpurea, is available at American Native Plants. These plants are heat and drought-resistant and can bloom for months on end, so your garden will remain gorgeous through summer. 

Orange Coneflowers, or Black-Eyed Susans

The Rudbeckia fulgida, or Maryland’s state flower, the Black-Eyed Susan, adds a pop of color with its yellow-orange petals. These plants make an excellent transition plant as you move into autumn, as its warm color goes well with the oranges and reds of the season. 

Blue Cardinal Flower, or the Blue Lobelia

The Lobelia siphilitica or blue cardinal flower is a great native plant to add to your outdoor pots and flower beds. These plants not only attract hummingbirds, but they are also perfect plants for wet soils, so those spring and summer rains won’t disturb their appearance. 


The Phlox divaricata, or Wild Blue Phlox, is yet another native plant available at our nursery. These plants come in a variety of colors, including white, blue, pink, and red. In the spring, creeping phlox can form carpets and waterfalls of solid color while during the summer, taller garden phlox are topped with plumes advertising themselves to hummingbirds and butterflies. Adding phlox to your pots and flower beds will bring you splashes of gorgeous color and an abundance of local wildlife. 


Whether you’re looking to build a rain garden or beautify your property, American Native Plants can provide you with the right plants for the job. With an inventory of over 400,000 native trees, native shrubs, and herbaceous plants, consider American Native Plants, your one-stop shop for wholesale native plant needs.

Our nursery, conveniently located in Middle River, Maryland, is open year-round to accommodate your native plant needs. We are continually updating and increasing our inventory to meet the demands of our customers.

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