3 Common Fall Planting Mistakes

This fall, discover the three most common planting mistakes to avoid.

This fall, discover the three most common planting mistakes to avoid.

Whether you’re planting for restoration purposes or personal enjoyment, it’s important to give your native plants the best chance of success. Planting at the right time of the year ensures that the roots are strong enough to endure the seasons, but it’s also essential to plant correctly. This fall, discover the three most common planting mistakes to avoid.

Digging too Deep

Plant roots need to be underground, but too many people make the mistake of covering other parts of the plant in soil. When you plant too deep, fragile stems can’t receive the necessary airflow and suffer as a result. Rather than digging too deep and having to fill the soil in, start digging a small hole and compensate if necessary. Filling soil into a hole that is too deep means that your native plants will start life on a loose foundation. To avoid this mistake, measure the area periodically as you dig until you’ve reached the correct depth.

Forgetting to Mulch

Mulch is an important part of the planting process because it helps to keep your young plants warm and adds essential nutrients to the soil. When applying mulch, ensure that it isn’t touching the main stem of the plant. Instead, the mulch should surround the plant about an inch or two away from the stem. If you forget to mulch, your native plants could be exposed to chilly fall temperatures!

Planting J-Roots

When planting, the roots need to spread out and down. When roots are pointed up, they can often make the shape of the letter J. This “J-root” will grow up rather than down, and the plant cannot thrive as a result. If you aren’t able to smooth the root out with your hands, cut the root before you plant. Make sure not to cut a tap root or main connecting root from the plant’s stem. Consult a professional at American Native Plants for more information.


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