3 Reasons Landscapers Loves Native Plants

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Discover why landscapers and designers love native plants.

The early weeks of summer are the perfect time to start improving your landscape.  Native plants are quickly becoming a favorite choice for landscapers and homeowners alike. Discover three reasons why landscapers love and suggest native plants to their customers and why you’ll grow to love them too.

Less Money, Effort, and Time

If you don’t place effort in taking care of expensive plants, they will die and it will become a waste of money. Care and effort are very important with foreign plants while native plants take minimal upkeep.

The money will also be a huge factor as foreign plants can break the budget by exporting them to your lawn. While they need more water, you’ll expect for your water bill to gradually increase to support such need. Native plants don’t need the same amount of water, thus saving you a significant amount of money. 

Lastly, think about the time wasted on the maintenance of foreign plants. They require a maintenance routine that is very important for keeping them thriving. Native plants have been alive and thrived alone without maintenance, the thought of making an appointment won’t even surface through your mind.

More Value

It is true that the cost of foreign plants to get and maintain this can be substantially expensive, but more value is placed on native plants. Most don’t know about native plants because they aren’t heavily desired or sold in nurseries. They aren’t a focal point when traveling, in fact, even mentioned in conversation to local tourist when visiting. This is because the true value of these plants is not explained. Native plants help keep the air we breathe clean, cleans the rainwater and smeller sweeter and stronger than foreign plants.

Wildlife Benefits

We are not the only people that need native plants in our surroundings. Animals need native plants in their surroundings also, which should convey the importance of having them in your front yard. Animals have created their habitats in native plants throughout the years and prefer to live in and around them. If you want to see more birds chirping in your horizons, butterflies flying around your yards or rabbits happily hopping through your yard, native plants will be their suggested living environment.


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