3 Ways to Attract Monarch Butterflies This Fall

3 Ways to Attract Monarch Butterflies This Fall

With the help of native plants, you can attract beautiful monarch butterflies to your property this season and for seasons to come!

A single monarch butterfly weighs less than a paperclip, but can travel up to 3,000 miles! These incredible creatures migrate through North America every fall, typically from late September to Mid-November. With the help of native plants, you can attract beautiful monarch butterflies to your property this season and for seasons to come! Learn how you can get started with tips from American Native Plants! 

Stay on the Bright Side 

Monarchs can’t fly when the temperature dips below 50 degrees. They rely on the warmth of the sun to stay warm, especially during the colder days of fall. Before you begin planting, look for the areas on your property that receive the most sunlight. Keep in mind that monarchs complete two migrations a year, one in the fall and another during the spring season. Plant in areas that receive ample sunlight at all months of the year. 

Plant a Variety of Natives 

Monarchs are considered large butterflies and prefer flat flowers that can provide them with a sufficient landing area. As caterpillars, monarchs feed on the leaves of milkweed to thrive. Milkweed is not only great for monarchs but several other species of butterflies as well! As you begin planting, consider incorporating a variety of natives into your landscape. The more flowers and plants you cultivate, the more butterflies you can expect to see in the fall and spring seasons! 

As you plant, remember that butterflies are often more attracted to flowers and plants that appear in masses. Consider planting plenty of natives to provide them with a safe, attractive place to land! 

Provide Wind Protection 

The winds of autumn can be refreshing, but breezy conditions can deter monarchs from your property. Consider providing the butterflies with protection from the wind with a fence, a line of trees, or even a birdbath. Anything that may give a windbreak will be beneficial to young monarchs looking for food and rest. If you don’t want to install a permanent feature, consider hanging a tarp or sheet to provide monarchs with temporary relief during the fall season. 


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