4 Gardening Tips for August

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Discover how you can tend to your garden throughout August with the following tips.

August is an important month for gardeners and their plants. Flowers bloom radiantly while summer vegetables thrive, but there are essential chores to complete to ensure the health of your garden. Discover how you can tend to your garden throughout August with the following tips. 

Pull the Weeds 

Weeding is a simple task that allows your native plants to thrive through the August heat. Your plants require a substantial amount of water and sunlight to ensure their health through the fall, and weeds can steal these nutrients away. Pulling weeds now ensures that there will be fewer weeds left to overwinter in the garden. 

Tend to the Perennials 

Larger perennials are done blooming around August, which means it’s time to start cutting them back to the ground. While some varietals will develop fresh new foliage, others will manage to bloom again before the first frost of the season. Neaten the appearance of long-stemmed plants like Black-Eyed Susans by trimming them back. 

Attract Butterflies 

Butterflies are active during mid to late summer, and there are plenty of ways to attract them to your landscape. Butterflies love nectar-producing plants such as butterfly bushes and butterfly weed. While non-native plants attract butterflies temporarily, only natives can provide both nectar and food for larvae. If you’re interested in planting to attract butterflies this August, visit American Native Plants and talk to an expert. 

Start New Seeds 

If you’re planting fall natives or crops, start the new seeds, so they’re ready for planting when the time comes. Take advantage of the warm summer soil for seed germination so they can mature through the fall. If you don’t have space in your garden for new seedlings, start them indoors until the new beds are ready for planting. Remember to keep the soil moist throughout the season, mainly where the emerging root systems exist. 


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