6 Reasons to Use Mulch This Spring

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Mulch is one of the best ways to nurture the native plants in your garden and ensure that everything grows in beautifully during the spring months. Mulch serves as a protective barrier between your plants and the surrounding environment, and it can mean the difference between a thriving landscape and a lackluster landscape. Here are six of the biggest reasons why you should use mulch!

Mulch Controls Weeds

Do you enjoy pulling weeds all spring long? We didn’t think so! Mulch is a great way to control weed growth and prevent too many from poking through the greenery and native plants in your yard. By blocking sunlight from reaching the weeds, they won’t be able to grow into a real threat.

Mulch Locks in Moisture

Mulch absorbs water, so it provides an extra moisture barrier on top of your native plants. This is especially important during warm months when the hot sun can do a great deal of damage to plants that are not hydrated properly.

Mulch Stops Erosion

Erosion is a big problem for many homeowners, especially those that don’t have additional landscaping features like retaining walls. Mulch will keep existing moisture in the soil surrounding your native plants and stop rain from washing the nutrient-rich soil away.

Mulch Locks in Nutrients

Mulch, by stopping soil from being washed away during storms, also works to lock nutrients into the soil. Mulch will also add new nutrients to the soil as the organic material inside of it decays!

Mulch Stops Pests

Depending on what type of mulch you choose, the mulch around your native plants might actually stop pests from preying on your garden. Cedar bark mulch, for example, naturally repels insects and pests. The scent of the cedar will deter insects and help to protect all of the time you’ve invested in creating a gorgeous landscape.

Mulch Invites Earthworms

Finally, mulch also encourages earthworms to take up residence around your native plants. Earthworms are a wonderful way to add more nutrients to your soil and create a robust and healthy ecosystem in your yard.


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