How Can I Attract Wildlife to My Yard?

Are you a nature lover? Attract more wildlife to your landscape by planting native plants.

Are you a nature lover? Attract more wildlife to your landscape by planting native plants.

While some homeowners work tirelessly to keep wildlife, such as deer and birds, away, others hope to attract a variety of fauna to their landscape. If you’re part of the latter, discover how you can establish an attractive oasis for local wildlife in your yard.

Do Your Research

Before you rush to the store to purchase bird seed and feeders, determine the specific wildlife species that you want to attract. The answer will depend on where you live, and what kind of environment your property is located on. Once you’ve identified the wildlife you’re looking to attract, you can purchase food and shelters specific to their needs.

Purchase/Build Feeders

Wildlife will travel to an area where food is abundant, so it’s important to offer sustenance in a variety of containers. Whether you choose to build or purchase the feeders is up to you! Ensure that the wildlife has easy access to the food inside of the feeders.

Native Plants

Native plants provide natural food sources and refuge for birds, insects, and other small mammals. Not only will native plants adapt easily to your landscape, but they will attract an abundance of wildlife creatures. They are also a safer alternative for wildlife since they require fewer chemicals and maintenance to survive.

Supply Water

Just as wildlife flock to the source of food, a steady water supply encourages fauna to spend time on your property. Birdbaths, or shallow containers filled with water, are wonderful for bird-watchers. Water will attract all sorts of amphibians, like frogs, to your landscape as well!


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