How to Protect Native Plants from Severe Thunderstorms

How to Protect Native Plants from Severe Thunderstorms

Discover how you can protect your native plants from severe thunderstorms, and call American Native Plants for more information!

One of the many reasons that gardeners choose to work with native plants is that they are incredibly self-sufficient. While native plants require minimal maintenance, they still need assistance when it comes to inclement weather. Discover how you can protect your native plants from severe thunderstorms, and call American Native Plants for more information! 

What You’ll Need

In order to protect your native plants from the elements, you will need to acquire a few important tools. Important tools include mulch, planter pots, cement blocks, burlap, garden stakes, twine, and a sledgehammer. 

Spread Mulch 

Cold weather often arrives after a severe storm, and the effects can be damaging on native plants. To protect your plants from the elements, cover the root area of the plant with a three-inch layer of mulch. Ensure that you apply the mulch at least three inches from the foliage of the plant. 

Cover Up 

If you recently planted fall plants, cover them up to protect them from the elements. You can use overturned pots, small bowls, buckets, and other containers to protect young plants from high winds and heavy rain. Weight down each pot or container with blocks or rocks, so they don’t blow away during the storm. 

Anchor Down 

Newly planted trees and shrubs should be anchored down before a severe thunderstorm. Pound three to four stakes into the ground and then slant them away from the tree or shrub you’re trying to protect. Attach the tree or shrub to the stakes with heavy twine, ensuring that there is enough give in the twine to allow the plant to bend with the wind. 

Wrap the Trunks

If you don’t want to anchor the newly planted trees, consider wrapping them up! Use burlap to wrap the trunks of the trees and tie the wrapping off with twine. While wrapping the trunk of the tree should be sufficient protection from a thunderstorm, you may also wrap the entirety of the tree if you prefer. To protect against high winds associated with hurricanes, consider wrapping newly planted trees and anchoring them into the ground. 


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