Natural Ways to Deter Deer From Your Native Plants

Discover how to deter deer from your native plants!

Discover how to deter deer from your native plants!

Various species of deer can be seen during any North American season. They’re beautiful creatures, but they can wreak havoc on young seedlings and other native plants. Discover the best (and most natural) ways to deter the deer from munching your landscape.

Avoid Deer-Friendly Plants

While a hungry deer will eat almost any plant, they do have their preferences (like anyone else). Consider adding plants that deer tend to avoid to encourage them to steer clear of your yard. As we move further into winter, you could also walk the neighborhood and look at what native plants they’ve left untouched so far. There is no guarantee that including those plants in your yard will keep them away, but it may at least hold them off.

Fence in Your Foliage

Fences are often the most effective way to keep deer out of your yard or garden. If your fencing material is something see-through, such as chicken wire, your fence will need to be tall enough that the deer can’t jump over it, like 8 or so feet. If you need a shorter fence, for aesthetic or code reasons, make it a solid fence. Deer are much less likely to jump into an area if they can’t see it.

Scare Them Off

If you can’t keep them out, your best bet may be to scare them off. Motion activated lights, sounds, or water should do the trick. Deer tend to be pretty skittish, so a loud sound or a flashing light usually startles them enough that they run away. Over time, they will get used to whatever startled them, however, so it is a good idea to alternate or randomize them.

Natural Repellents

Another way to run off deer that enter your yard is with repellents. Repellents are designed to make the deer leave because the plants smell and/or taste bad, but not to hurt the deer. One natural, DIY repellent is to mix egg and water and spray it on the plants. The egg will start to rot and the plants will smell bad. Of course, you may end up hating the smell too. Another scent repellent is to tie mesh bags with human hair in them around the yard since deer tend to be wary of people.


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