Why Should I Plant Native Plants This Spring?

Learn why you should plant native plants this spring.

Learn why you should plant native plants this spring.

As you begin prepping your garden and landscape for spring and summer, you should consider the many benefits of adding more native plants. While you may think that there are few options, the reality is that there vast numbers of native species, both flowering and not, that all will make stunning additions to any garden.  

Low Maintenance Low Budget

When you choose plants that are native to your area you’re cutting out a lot of time, money, and effort for yourself. While native plants will still need care the time investment needed for maintaining them is significantly lowered. This is because they are used to thriving in the conditions your yard will have. Their roots will grow deeper and stronger coming back year after year. Yes, they will still need minor maintenance such as trimming, but overall the investment needed is much lower.

As a result of their low maintenance, tolerant lifestyle, native plants are often much cheaper to maintain over the course of their life. Not only will you need to replace them less (you won’t need to replant each spring, and they’re less likely to die due to weather conditions), but you won’t have to worry as much about pest control or fertilizer either. Unlike a traditional, lawn oriented landscape, native plants are also often cheaper to begin with.

Save Water

Wild plants have only the rain to water them, meaning that if you live in areas where drought is prevalent, native plants will be able to endure. Often, native plants will establish deep, hearty roots that are better able to make do with whatever moisture they can get. This means that you can minimize the amount of water your yard uses. Not only does this save on costs, but the less extra water you use the better for the environment.

Save The Environment  

It’s no secret that wild spaces with native plants are becoming more and more scarce. By planting local plants and flowers your landscape can become a safe haven for local fauna. Birds, pollinators, and other wildlife will all be able to take advantage of the new habitat. This is especially important for bees and butterflies, as your native plants will provide a nutritious meal and won’t need any pesticides that might harm them.

It’s important to note, that native plants will be just as beautiful if not more-so than more exotic options. Not only will they remain healthier longer, but the wildlife and vibrancy they will bring to your home and yard is something that’s not easy to replace.

Start Planning Your Native Landscape

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