How to Protect Your Native Plants From the Summer Heat

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The summer is heating up! Learn how you can protect your garden from extreme temperatures.

As you’re tending to your gardens this summer, it’s important to remember that even native plants need little extra help dealing with the heat.  

Plant Seeds Deep

Harsh summer sun tends to quickly dry out the top few inches of soil if you’re planting any seeds late in the season make sure to dig your holes a little deeper. Planting deeper will allow the root systems to develop without being choked out by the dryness.

Let Older Plants Give Shade

An easy way to let new plants grow without sun damage is to place them beneath more established plants. The partial shade provided by the older plants is often enough to keep the sun from overwhelming new growth without completely overshadowing them.  

Row Covers and Shade Cloths

If a natural shade cover isn’t the right solution row cloths and shade covers are a perfect alternative to guard young plants. The best of these professional grade tools offer enough coverage without trapping heat and while allowing beneficial insects such as bees to do their jobs.

Early Morning Watering

Watering your plants early in the morning has shown to be the most effective time for them. Water is able to deeply penetrate the soil and be absorbed by roots before the heat of the day has time to cause too much evaporation. Not only does it mean that your plants get more water, but you waste less as well. On sweltering days you may need to water a second time in the afternoon, although this is less effective as a secondary watering it can make a huge difference in young plant survival. Make sure not to water at night though, as overnight dampness can cause roots to mold and rot.

Don’t Forget the Mulch

Lastly, mulching your plants can help protect them from the heat and sun better than anything. Mulch is like sunblock for plant roots, it protects them from dryness by creating a nutrient-rich cover. For an easy option, try mulching with grass clippings for an extra nutrient packed protection.


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