Protecting Your Landscape From the Winter Chill

Is your landscape prepared for the winter chill?

Is your landscape prepared for the winter chill?

Winter is finally here! Have you taken the necessary steps to protect your native plants and grasses from low temperatures? Before you make the run for snow shovels and salt, ensure that your landscape is ready to face the winter weather.

Aerate & Fertilize

Aerating your grass allows water, oxygen, and fertilizer to access the roots deep in the ground. With proper aeration, your lawn will receive the essential nutrients it needs to survive the winter. Once your lawn is properly aerating, apply a mid to late-fall fertilizer so that your grass will be nutrient rich. The subsequent growth will not only allow your grass to survive the winter, but it will promote strong growth next spring.

Rake & Clean Up

Fall clean up is one of the most important chores of the season. When leaves are left to rot on the lawn, the grass beneath cannot receive the sunlight it needs to resist disease. Rake the fallen leaves whenever possible, or enlist the help of a professional landscaping company. Remove any fallen debris, and consider bringing your outdoor furniture indoors to into the shed. Keep in mind that excessive clean-up can harm your native plants, grasses, and local wildlife.

Lay Mulch

Mulch provides an extra layer of protection that your grass and trees need to survive the rain, ice, and snow. Mulch works to maintain the temperature of your beds and protects the roots from frostbite and excess moisture. If you’re unsure of correct mulching technics, enlist the help of a professional. Over-mulching your shrubs and trees could be dangerous for the plants.


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