Why Should I Purchase Native Plants from a Local Nursery?

Visit American Native Plants or peruse the selection online!

Visit American Native Plants or peruse the selection online!

Many homeowners find joy in planning and caring for their landscape. They plan out all the details, the design, and fill it with their favorite species of plants and flowers. If you’re adding to your garden or making some changes, discover four reasons to purchase native plants from a local nursery.

Healthier Plants

Plants are fragile by nature. When you purchase from local nurseries, those plants are likely much more well adjusted than plants from other retailers. Large retailers buy their plants in bulk so there’s no telling their age or how healthy they are. Because local nurseries get their plants from local growers (or even grow their own), they are not only healthier but they usually also have species that aren’t available at chain stores. Your local nursery will also have a great selection of native plants, which will require fewer pesticides and fertilizer to grow.   

Expert Advice

The people that work at local nurseries have a specialty. They aren’t expected to jump from one department to the next. With a knowledgeable staff available, you can ask all the questions you have about purchasing and growing your selection of plants. Whether your project is large or small, the staff will be able to give you expert advice about your plans and help guide your design. In the long run, you’ll end up spending less money because you’ll have all the knowledge you need to maintain a thriving and beautiful garden.

Save Time

It takes a lot of time, work, care, and dedication to cultivate plants from seeds. On the other hand, if you purchase your plants from a local nursery you can easily see how well they will work in your garden design. You’ll be transferring plants that have been carefully and expertly grown with the best soil and by the best gardeners.

Fewer Pests

One of the biggest concerns about purchasing plants is that they often bring foreign pests along with them. These pests often carry diseases that will damage many native species. With native plants from local nurseries, this risk is greatly reduced if not completely eliminated.


Whether you’re looking to build a rain garden or beautify your property, American Native Plants can provide you with the right plants for the job. With an inventory of over 400,000 native trees, native shrubs, and herbaceous plants consider American Native Plants your one-stop shop for wholesale native plant needs.

Our nursery, conveniently located in Middle River, Maryland, is open year-round to accommodate your native plant needs. We are constantly updating and increasing our inventory to meet the demands of our customers.

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