3 Ways to Maintain Your Landscaping This Winter

Careful not to damage your grass or plants while shoveling snow

Careful not to damage your grass or plants while shoveling snow.

Winter can be one of the hardest seasons for your home’s hardscaping. The dramatic change in temperature, the effects of freezes and thaws, snow, and de-icing can all have incredible impacts. Not only can the season cause cosmetic damage, if not cared for, but you may also wind up with structural issues that can significantly shorten the lifespan of your plants and landscape. Fortunately, there are a few ways to ensure that your landscaping stays in excellent condition this season and through the rest of the year.

Reduce Frozen Water Runoff

One of the first things you should pay attention to is if there are any areas of standing water on your property that overlap with your landscaping. Standing water is never a good sign regardless of the season. Not only can it attract bacteria and insects, but it can also kill any nearby plants and cause damage to the soil and foundations of your hardscaping. In winter, these areas of standing water will be the first places damaged by the freeze and thaw cycle. Salt and ice melt can hurt any nearby native plants, grass, pets, and cause early degradation of your property.

Shovel Often

Removing snow and ice as fast as possible will help prevent much of the buildup and reduce the need for chemicals such as ice melt. It also helps to reduce the impact of the thaw and freeze cycle. Additionally, landscapes are often damaged when they are hit during shoveling due to lack of markers. Ensuring that everything stays visible can help reduce these types of accidents. Make sure to always shovel with a plastic or rubber headed unit to prevent scrapes, chips, and damage.

Repair Damage Early

When you notice that a problem has occurred, its best to fix it early. This can help ensure that the changes in weather do not make the issue larger or worse. If a large limb falls on your property, remove it as soon as you can. If your native plants are damaged by a winter storm, call the experts at American Native Plants and ask for advice.


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