In 2019, Boost Your Local Ecosystem with Select Native Plants

2019 is the year to plant more native plants!

2019 is the year to plant more native plants!

Last October, the Smithsonian released a study linking the decline in suburban backyard birds to the overwhelming presence of non-native plants. Landowners often pick non-native plants for aesthetic purposes, but many do not realize the harmful implications of their choices. Insect-eating birds depend on the availability of caterpillars and spiders, but the insect populations are lacking in areas where non-native plants are most prevalent. The results of the study have prompted homeowners to purchase native plants, instead of non-native, for landscaping, gardening, and more. Discover how you can do your part in the new year to boost your local ecosystem.

Provide a Habitat for Local Birds

Native plants produce more food offerings for birds than non-native plants. Local bird life isn’t just attracted to the abundance of seeds and berries that native plants produce. They also flock to the many insects that prefer to make their homes in the leaves and stems of native plants. Aside from providing a bountiful food source, native plants also serve as a supply store for birds in need of nests and protection. The twigs, dead leaves, and fibers that native plants produce present more attractive nesting options than plants that aren’t native to the area.  

Support the Local Pollinators

Did you know that honeybees are four times more likely to pollinate native plants than non-native plants? The truth is, bees pollinate almost all of the fruits and vegetables we eat, and it’s important to do our part in maintaining the health of our local bee population. There are currently more than 4,000 species of bees in North America, and you can help them by incorporating diverse native plants throughout your landscape.

Improved Water Quality

Native plants are able to thrive without the help of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. By eliminating the use of fertilizers and pesticides, fewer pollutants will run-off into the nearby streams, lakes, and estuaries. Not only does this improve the quality of life for local aquatic life, but it also creates healthier drinking water for deer, birds, and other wildlife.


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