4 Myths About Rain Gardens

Planning a rain garden? Visit American Native Plants!

Planning a rain garden? Visit American Native Plants!

Rain gardens are a fantastic way to repurpose the runoff in your yard, but if they aren’t properly planned they won’t get the job done! If you are ready to install a rain garden in your home or curious about how native plants factor into the proper planning of one, here are some of the most common myths about rain gardens…debunked!

Rain Gardens Need Wetland Plants

Rain gardens don’t require wetland plants. Instead, they can use native plants to filter and drain excess rainwater while protecting the rest of your yard. The native plants that you incorporate into your rain garden should be able to tolerate wet and dry conditions, but they don’t need to be only those that thrive in a marshland. 

Rain Gardens Can’t Thrive on a Slope

Smaller rain gardens can handle a moderate slope perfectly (a 5% slope is best). If you are going to be installing a rain garden on a slope, you should make sure that there is a berm so that the pond portion of the garden does not overtake the rest of the surrounding area.

The Soggiest Place In Your Backyard Is Perfect for a Rain Garden

Some homeowners confuse a rain garden with a wetland! Rain gardens are places that collect rainwater and help to drain it so that it doesn’t lead to flooding in your home. They are not places where the ground should stay perpetually wet. 1-2 days after rain comes down, the ground should be completely dry in a rain garden. Be careful to avoid turning your garden into a soggy marsh.

Rain Gardens Cost a Great Deal of Money

In reality, particularly if you use native plants, rain gardens don’t need to cost a fortune. The cost of your rain garden will come down to the current condition of your soil, the location of your garden, the types of native plants that you want to incorporate, and the labor to install the rain garden. Depending on your preferences, it can be quite cost effective!

Improve Your Garden With Help from American Native Plants

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