3 Ways Native Plants Improve the Gardening Experience

It's time to start planning your spring garden!

It’s time to start planning your spring garden!

Native plants are becoming a popular must for any lover of gardening. By adding some native plants to your garden, you add a beautiful source of biological diversity to your landscape. Simply including native plants is a surefire guarantee to improving your gardening experience, and here are a few quick reasons why.  

Less Maintenance

Native plants are made to thrive in their environment. Whatever weather conditions they are planted in, they are ready to persist with little setbacks, if any. Also due to their natural protections, pests and diseases that could be found popping up in your garden will not affect your native plants. As a result, you will not have to spend your days worrying about what the weather may do to your native plants or buy and apply the same pesticides that non-native plants typically would require. Thanks to their durability, you can take whatever time you would have to spend taking care of your non-native plants, and use that time to relax in your garden and admire your beautiful and outstanding native plants.

Long Lasting

Flowers are commonly the most popular choice for people to plant in their gardens, but they are not exactly everlasting, unlike native plants. Flowers require typically a lot of time and care to make sure they can live as long as possible, which sometimes can only be for a few weeks. Native plants, on the other hand, thanks to their natural durability, are capable of lasting in your garden for years with only minimum maintenance, as previously described. So if you are looking for an addition to your garden that is going to stick around, native plants will stand out for your garden longer than any flower would.

Wildlife Presence

One of the joys of having a garden is when people passing by your garden stop to admire the beauty you have been able to help craft. A joy that could perhaps only be matched by when someone unexpected stops by to admire your garden: wildlife. Although standard gardens will attract their fair share of wildlife, gardens with native plants are bound to bring in the most. Native plants, particularly native trees, are perfect for crafting habitats for some of these creatures. Birds, butterflies, and bees will flock to your garden thanks to native plants and help it thrive as they help their own species. Birds will find new homes, butterflies will lay eggs, and bees will spread nectar and help keep their species alive.


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