4 Ways To Protect Your Native Plants From Deer

Discover how you can protect your native plants from Bambi!

Discover how you can protect your native plants from Bambi!

To deer, your garden is a scrumptious buffet that they won’t hesitate to devour. Here are some ways to protect your native plants from hungry wildlife.

I Think I Lost My Appetite

If you plant things that deer don’t like, then you won’t have to worry about them eating your plants. Some native plants have thorns which work well to keep deer away. In addition, plants that have a leather or fuzzy texture tend to deter deer and other wildlife.

What’s That Smell?

Deer dislike bad smells and will likely not want to eat anything that is associated with the smell. That being said, where deer are native, plant repellents instead of regular plants. Some of the most effective smells to keep deer away have been garlic and rotten eggs. They sell deer repellents in stores and you want to make sure to use them at the first sign of deer. The longer the deer have been eating from your garden, the harder it is to keep them away.

Oh, Deer!

Another effective way to keep deer away from your garden is simply to scare them. Since they are prey, they tend to feel threatened by any sudden noises and will run from them. To keep from having to run them away yourself every time, you can buy a device that makes a loud noise from time to time. Just make sure to move it every now and again or change the sound, as deer will eventually get accustomed to the noise.

Fenced In

The most effective and permanent way to keep deer out of your garden is to build a fence around your yard or garden. However, deer can jump really high so your fence is going to need to be at least seven feet tall to ensure that they can’t get over it. It is also common for deer to try and go under or even through a fence, so make sure that the fence is staked to wood or metal posts.

American Native Plants 

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