Addressing Common Myths About Native Plants

How much do you know about native plants?

How much do you know about native plants?

Native plants are a vital part of today’s ecosystems, but there are many misconceptions regarding their growing patterns. When it comes to native plants, it’s important to understand where they thrive and how. This week we’ll debunk four common native plant myths. Let’s explore

Native Plants Thrive in Drought

Native plants grow effortlessly in their specific environments and require little to no maintenance. They don’t, however, thrive in drought. Native plants rely on their surrounding conditions, and even warm weather plants need certain necessities to flourish. Factors such as soil, shade, and location all play a role in a native plant’s ability to grow.

U.S. Native Plants Flourish Anywhere in the States

Plants native to Maryland won’t necessarily flourish in Florida. Native plants thrive in specific ecosystems throughout the country. Depending on the state, there could be several species of native plants specific to each town and region within the state lines.

All Native Plants are Wild

Native plants are used to cultivate local species and encourage growth. Some species, such as the Black Eyed Susan, can grow wild throughout a garden or ecosystem. Just because one species of native plants grow wild, doesn’t mean that all native plants are wild, weedy, or unruly. If you’re planting with native plants, discuss your gardening preferences with a professional in order to determine your landscape aesthetic.

Native Plants Require Extra Work

Contrary to popular opinion, native plants require less work than their imported counterparts. Since they flourish naturally in their environment, native plants are known for being low-maintenance. Aside from a few soil alterations, your native plants should thrive easily.

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