5 Reasons to Love Native Plants

American Native Plants provides native plants for sustainable landscapes. Visit their nursery or shop online!

American Native Plants provides native plants for sustainable landscapes. Visit their nursery or shop online!

Native Plants are the plants that are indigenous to your specific area. Because they have evolved and adapted to that environment, they thrive on those specific soil types and weather conditions. A lot of people are starting to use native plants as it has a lot of environmental and personal benefits. Whether you are a professional gardener or are just looking to make your yard a little more visually appealing, here are some reasons to use native plants.

Low Maintenance

One of the reasons people are moving towards native plants is because they are easy to care for. These plants tend to tolerate a higher level of light and moisture conditions as they are used to adapting to varying weather conditions as the seasons pass. They absorb moisture which makes it so that you don’t have to water them as often as other types of plants. In addition, native plants do not require pesticides or fertilizers to grow, which can save you a few dollars while also freeing the air from so many harsh chemicals.

Water Conservation

Native plants have a really large root system because they have such a long lifespan in their indigenous habitats. Because of this, the soil stays in place and absorbs a lot more water than non-native plants. This helps reduce the amount of rainwater that overflows and could potentially flood our neighborhoods.


A garden of native plants is a great environment for feeding many different types of small wildlife. Animals like insects, birds, and amphibians can reside in native gardens during the cold winter season where a lot of other plants are dying. Plenty of colorful butterflies and birds will visit your garden, adding a visual appeal. This is perfect if you are building your conservatory and also greatly beneficial in your own home garden. With so many trees and plants being destroyed for construction, growing a native plant garden is a great way to give back to your environment.


Because there are so many types of native plants, the possibilities are endless. They come in all different forms, shapes, sizes, and colors so just because you have decided to just go native, there are still so many options to choose from. There is a plant for any and every gardening need that you have no matter how big or small.


Since native plants tend to thrive all year round, observing them provides a great way to learn about a plants life cycle. You can see how they change and adapt through all of the seasons and can learn a bit about how the wildlife operates seasonally as well.

American Native Plants 

American Native Plants is dedicated to growing and distributing native plants that are essential to our ecosystem.  Our nursery is located in Middle River, Maryland and is open all year round. With a variety of over 400,000 local plants, we have everything you are looking for, whether you are trying to restore a local wetland or simply just trying to enhance your garden. To get more information on our products, check out our catalog, give us a call, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

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