The 5 Advantages of Native Plants

Native Shrub

Discover why native plants are so important!

Native plants are the cornerstone of biological diversity. They provide food and shelter for wild animals, as well as aid in the development of food and medicines. They are utilized for a variety of purposes, from reforesting farmland to creating a beautiful garden. Discover a few ways native plants benefit the earth, your wallet, and more.

Conserve Water & Soil

The growth habits of native plants reduce the stormwater that overflows waterways. The soil stays in place, due to the plant’s extensive root systems, and water is stored where it’s most needed.


No matter the size or scope of your project, you’re bound to find a native plant right for the job. There are numerous selections that grow in every planting site, from dry shade to rock gardens. Touring a local native plant nursery can help you limit your choices and determine the best plant species.

Wildlife Refuge

Since native plants are programmed to produce fruit and nectar, they can provide nutrients to local inhabitants. Attract more wildlife to your property or conservatory by taking advantage of native plant palettes.

Low Maintenance

Native plants are equipped with natural protections, which makes them resistant to common diseases and pests. Growers typically don’t need to use the necessary pesticides that non-native plants require. Native plants are also durable, and they grow easily with local conditions.

Save Money

Native plants bloom rapidly and can be easily divided to create free plants to start new gardens. Since native plants are durable and long-lived, you won’t have to buy replacements as often as you would with non-native plants.



Whether you’re looking to restore a local wetland or beautify your property, American Native Plants can provide you with the right plants for the job. With an inventory of over 400,000 native trees, native shrubs, and herbaceous plants, consider American Native Plants your one-stop shop for wholesale native plant needs. Peruse our catalog, give us a call, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

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