The 4 Benefits of Mulch Rings

Mulch Disc

Discover how a simple much ring can improve the life of your native plants and trees!

Mulch rings also referred to as mulch discs, provide native trees, native shrubs, and native plants with a variety of benefits for several years. Constructed from durable coir fibers, mulch rings fit easily around the base of your plants. Discover how a simple much ring can improve the life of your native plants and trees!


It’s especially important to protect the trunk of young trees as they mature. Mulch rings add a layer of protection between the grass and the trunk of the tree. This extra layer helps to limit the damage from objects like lawn mowers and trimmers. Damage to a tree trunk can cut off the transportation of water and nutrients between the roots and branches of the tree.  


Mulch rings allow moisture and nutrients to slip easily through while maintaining necessary water for the tree to uptake. This can be very important during dry periods of a young tree’s growth.


Mulch rings improve the health as well as the appearance of your trees and plants. Nutrients and water can get through the coir, but weed seeds cannot. Weeds are not only unsightly, but they can damage the roots of your native plants, and potentially cause permanent harm.


Mulch rings are available in a variety of sizes and are easily installed and replaced. You don’t have to worry about ridding your plants and trees of weeds, and you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of time on maintaining the mulch rings.

Mulch Discs from American Native Plants

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