A Brief Guide to Native Plants

Do you want to learn more about native plants?

Do you want to learn more about native plants?

The spring planting season is finally here, and gardeners everywhere will brush off their tools and head outdoors to tend to their landscapes. Are you thinking of planting native plants this year? Are you unsure of where to start? The good news is that you’re not alone! Read on to learn more about the native plant basics.

Native Plants, Wildflowers, Non-Native Plants

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, gardeners are turning to native plants to restore their native landscapes. Native plants are defined as species that grew naturally in a specific area or region before European settlement. Wildflowers, also known as forbs, are in the native plant kingdom but they grow without the help of human care. Non-native plants are species that have been transported, whether hundreds of years ago or recently, to a new region and maintained by people. Non-native plants can also be spread by weather conditions and birds.

Low-Maintenance Doesn’t Mean Zero Maintenance

Many people purchase native plants because they are attracted to their low-maintenance promises. It’s true that native plants require less maintenance than their non-native counterparts. Since they are native to the region’s ecological demands, native plants adapt easily to the weather, local insects, and other inhabitants. While native plants may require minimal maintenance, they still need human care to thrive. Keep in mind that your garden and landscape will only look as good as you care for it.

Transporting Native Plants From the Wild

Did you spot a few native plants in a nearby field? Have you seen native flowers on your morning run? Unfortunately, it isn’t advised to transport native plants from the wild into your own garden or landscape. Native plant experts encourage plant enthusiasts to visit a nursery or order them online from a certified native plant distributor.


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