How to Deter Deer From Your Garden

Learn how to protect your native plants from deer!

Learn how to protect your native plants from deer!

It is no secret that deer love to munch on our fruits and veggies just as much as we do, but there is no reason that your hard work should go to waste. There are numerous humane ways to discourage deer from eating your precious garden. Rotating methods will work best, as deer are smarter than we give them credit for.

Add Certain Plants

Consider surrounding the perimeter of your garden with a thick wall of strong-smelling plants such as lavender or marigolds. Deer will not walk through these plants, as the aroma will stick to their legs and make it harder to hide from their predators. These sweet smells also mess with their noses to mask the scent of your other plants.

Sprinkle Soap

It may seem silly, but sprinkling soap is a tried and true method of deterring deer from entering and destroying your garden. Cut Irish Spring Original soap into cubes, and place the pieces into the ground around newly growing plants. Make sure the cube hovers just above the plants; this will allow them to mature without deer taking a bite. You can also use a cheese grater to grate up some soap to spread around the seedlings before they begin to sprout from the earth. The soap is an animal and environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemicals; it doesn’t hard the plants or any animals, and can also dehydrate aphids that may be lurking waiting to nibble on some leaves.

Invisible Fence

If you do not have a fence around your garden, stake out the perimeter with tall pieces of wood. All you have to do to make the “fence” is to string fishing wire taut between the poles. The deer will run into the fishing wire, but will not try to jump over it since they cannot see it.

Spray Smells

Spraying your plants with an unappealing scent works just as well as surrounding your garden with sweet-smelling plants. Mix one cup of milk, one egg, and one tablespoon of dish soap in a gallon jug and fill the remaining with water. Keep the mixture in the sun for a few days, then spray around your garden every night. The deer will stay away!

American Native Plants

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