Choose Native Plants for Your Commercial Landscape Design

Consider using native plants for your commercial property!

Consider using native plants for your commercial property!

When you’re thinking about the landscaping for the areas around your business, there is a lot to consider. You want the landscaping to look nice and to make a good first impression. After all, the first impression of the building is going to carry over into an overall impression of your business.

Native plants, trees, and shrubs are great for this purpose because they have already grown accustomed to the area and naturally thrive here. From a financial standpoint, using native plants in your commercial landscaping makes a lot of sense, but it is also a great choice for the environment. Read on for all of the benefits of choosing native plants.

Save Money

Incorporating native plants in your landscape is a great way to cut maintenance costs. While non-native plants require tedious and costly maintenance to survive, native plants will thrive with minimal intervention. This means that you shouldn’t need to water them too much and you shouldn’t need to use fertilizer or pesticides either. Since these types of plants already grow here naturally, nature should handle the majority of their upkeep.

Support The Local Ecosystem

One of the greatest environmental benefits of landscaping with native plants is that you’re supporting the local ecosystem. When we landscape with non-native plants or invasive species, we can actually disrupt the natural rhythms of the ecosystem by introducing plants that local animals won’t eat and insects won’t pollinate. When you landscape with native plants, the insects and animals that are found in the area around your business will have more of their naturally growing plants to use for homes or food sources. This will help their populations flourish, which will help the ecosystem further up the food chain as well.

Visit American Native Plants

Whether you’re looking to build a rain garden or beautify your property, American Native Plants can provide you with the right plants for the job. With an inventory of over 400,000 native trees, native shrubs, and herbaceous plants consider American Native Plants your one-stop shop for wholesale native plant needs.

Our nursery, conveniently located in Middle River, Maryland, is open year-round to accommodate your native plant needs. We are constantly updating and increasing our inventory to meet the demands of our customers.

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