What are Mulch Discs and Why Should I Use Them?

Mulch Disc

Consider using mulch discs for your native plants and trees!

When it comes to gardening, mulching is a great way to protect and nurture your plants. Mulch is an important element for controlling moisture in your garden, preventing weed growth, and even preventing soil erosion that can damage the landscape. There are plenty of varieties of mulch out there to meet the needs of many landscapes and gardens, so you may not be as familiar with using mulch discs, also known as mulch rings. These fiber discs are meant to fit around the base of many native trees, shrubs, and other plants to provide insulation and nourishment. Here are a few reasons to use mulch discs in your own gardening.


Mulch is important to keeping your plants well-insulated. By providing a buffer between your garden and extremely hot or cold temperatures, mulch helps plant roots maintain healthy growth throughout the year. This makes mulching an important part of landscape maintenance before the extreme temperatures of the summer and winter. Mulch discs fit around the base of your trees, shrubbery, or other plants to provide a great layer of insulation that can keep your garden growing healthy and beautiful all season long.

Moisture Control

Another important function of mulch is moisture control. Plant roots need healthy, moist soil in order to grow properly. Using mulch in your gardening helps to maintain this environment for healthy root growth. This is extremely important for growing healthy native trees in your landscaping, as they’ll need plenty of water to grow over the years. This makes mulch discs ideal for trees and shrubs in your gardening.

Avoid Weeds

Mulch discs are also a great way to prevent root competition around your native plants. Mulch can help prevent weeds from interrupting growth in your garden and landscaping, and mulch discs make it easy to set a convenient radius of mulch around your plants. This will allow your plants to maintain healthy growth uninterrupted while also allowing you to weed less and enjoy your garden more!

Prevent Erosion and Compaction

Soil health is also important. While cultivating native plants in your garden is one way to promote healthy soil in your garden, mulch discs are a great way to prevent soil erosion and compaction. By providing insulation and helping your lawn retain moisture and healthy root growth throughout the year, mulch discs can help you promote healthy soil in your lawn and garden.


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