How to Create a Habitat for Monarchs

Learn how you can create a habitat for caterpillars and adult butterflies.

Learn how you can create a habitat for caterpillars and adult butterflies.

The orange and black flag of the Monarch migration billows through North America every fall. While it typically begins in October, some butterflies make the journey earlier depending on the fall temperatures. Have you always wanted to attract more Monarchs to your property? Learn how you can create a habitat for caterpillars and adult butterflies.

Plant Milkweed

Monarch caterpillars feed only on the leaves of milkweed to survive. The famous host plant is critical for the life cycle of the entire species, and without it, they cannot thrive. Fortunately, planting milkweed is a simple way to attract Monarchs to your yard or neighborhood. There are several different species of milkweed that are native to North America, so you’re bound to find a species that’s right for your area.

The best way to obtain milkweed is to visit a local nursery, like American Native Plants, or order the plant online. If you see milkweed in the wild, please be sure to leave it there. Removing a milkweed plant from its environment to plant it elsewhere is detrimental for the local Monarch population.

Habitat Considerations

Aside from planting milkweed, there are several other steps you can take to attract Monarchs. If you don’t own land, but would love to create a habitat for Monarchs, consider finding an open space to cultivate. Check your local city or county guidelines to ensure that you are allowed to plant. It’s important to choose a location that is protected from mowing, insecticides, and certain herbicides. Once you have chosen your location, use native plants of all varieties to establish a bountiful habitat. Milkweed may attract Monarch caterpillars, but plenty of other native flowers can provide food for adult butterflies.

American Native Plants

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