How to Grow and Care for Native Seedlings This Summer

Discover how to care for your new seedlings!

Discover how to care for your new native seedlings!

The summer is the perfect time to grow first-year seedlings and cultivate them for fall planting. Seedlings should be grown and cared for in pots, whether in a screened-in porch or on the back deck. Growing them in easy-to-reach areas such as the deck or porch simplifies the process of watering and daily care. Read on to learn more about growing and caring for native seedlings!

Be Patient 

Native plants spend the first one to two years of life developing a complex root system, and they often grow slower than the common annual vegetable or flower. Their strong root systems allow them to flourish in the landscape for year after year. Due to their slow growth, many native plant seedings must stay in their first pots for several weeks. You may notice that some species of natives grow faster than others, so it’s essential to keep a close eye on all of your seedlings throughout the summer. 

Move Along 

As native plants grow, they require more space to cultivate their root systems. If you notice that your seedlings seem crowded, it may be time to move them to a bigger container. To move them safely, gently tip out the entire group of seedlings and replant them in a one-gallon pot. Once you replant the seedling, ensure that you water them well so they can acclimate to their new environment. 

Watch the Sun 

Not all native plants species require the same amount of sun. Be mindful of the native species you’re growing, and ensure that they are receiving the level of sun recommended for healthy growth. You may have to move pots around during the day to achieve maximum or minimum sunlight. 

Look to the Fall

Seedlings cultivated during the summertime are best planted at the end of the summer or the early fall. Prepare your landscape now so that it’s ready to harbor new permanent residents in the fall. Competing vegetation and weeds should be removed before you begin planting. 


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