How You Can Help the Bees this Summer

Are you a nature lover? Attract more wildlife to your landscape by planting native plants.

Discover how you can save the bees this summer!

Pollinators like honeybees are responsible in large part for a majority of the foods we enjoy every day. But in recent years, bees and other pollinators have been in crisis. It’s important to protect these species in order to maintain many of our major crops and wildlife. You may be wondering what you can do to help. When it comes to encouraging a healthy environment for bees and other pollinators, native plants are an important part of the ecosystem. Growing native plants is a great way to promote a healthy environment for many species while providing some relief for pollinators. Here are some ways you can help save bees in your neck of the woods this summer.

Cultivate Native Plants

With their deep roots, broad species variety, and ability to thrive in your climate, native plants are a great choice for any garden. Wildflowers and other native blooms are great for local wildlife and can provide a much-needed boost to your local ecosystem by improving soil drainage and overall plant health in your landscape. When it comes to native plants, keep it varied. There are thousands of bee varieties out there, so a good mix of wildflowers and other native plants will provide a healthy environment for many types of bees (as well as birds and butterflies).

Maintain Blooms Year-Round

Different flowers bloom at different points throughout the year. By maintaining a good mix of native blooms that will be at their peak during different seasons, you can make sure that your garden features beautiful flowering plants all year round. Not only will this help you assist local wildlife throughout the year, but it will also keep your garden and landscaping looking beautiful during any season.

Plant Milkweed

Milkweed is an excellent plant to include in any native garden. This plant will assist butterflies throughout their life, providing sustenance to caterpillars and nectar to adult monarchs. A variety of healthy local wildlife is extremely beneficial to the ecosystem, so growing varieties of plants that attract other insects is a great way to ensure the health of your garden and promote a good environment for happy, healthy bees.

Border with Native Flowers

An easy way to improve pollination in your garden and support local bees is to plant native blooms around the borders of your fruit and vegetable gardens. This can help you grow healthy, delicious produce while assisting the local ecosystem.


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