Maintaining Your Garden During the Rainy Season

Discover how to protect your garden from thunderstorms and rain showers!

Discover how to protect your garden from thunderstorms and rain showers!

As you have probably noticed, the mid-Atlantic region has been getting drenched this July. With the record-breaking weather, it seems as if the rain will never let up! Flooding has grown more and more prevalent this summer, and the soaking weather has been tough on plants. There are multiple steps you can take to protect your garden this rainy summer before, during, and after rainstorms.

Before the Storm

It is important to take action before any storm hits to protect your garden. Remove any fallen branches or debris from your landscape so they don’t cause further damage during a windy storm. Taller plants should be more supported, as rainwater and seriously weigh these guys down. Use wooden or metal supports to tie plants to in order to protect them from physical wind and rain damage. You are going to want to prevent water from pooling on the ground of your garden. Make sure that there is adequate drainage around your plants by making runoff slopes around your plants. Once these are made, make certain that they are not blocked.

During the Storm

Cover your most delicate plants that are young and fragile with a tarp. This includes herbs and vegetables. Ensure that the tarp is slanted to prevent water from pooling and further crushing the plants. If you have compost, turn it before it begins raining. This will ensure that water will penetrate even into the deeper layers of the pile.

After the Storm

After the storm is over, it is time to assess any damage that may have occurred. Check your vegetable roots for any exposed ones. If any roots are visible above the ground, cover them with soil or nutritious compost to make sure they do not dry out in the sun. Pots and planters should be checked next to make sure they are not damaged or cracked. Check for slugs and snails; they love to come out in the rain! Remove as many of them as you can from your plants.

There are some good things that a heavy storm can bring. Rain will loosen tough soil, so after a storm is a great time to pull up any weeds that are getting in the way. Lettuce will be sweet and tender after a rainfall, so pick it and make a beautiful salad. If you are growing mint, pick some and add it to your salad or brew a hot tea, as mint loves wet conditions.

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