The Benefits of Tree Shelters

Ensure the health of your native trees.

Ensure the health of your native trees.

Native plants are often a resilient species, but sometimes they need a bit of help to grow and thrive. If you are planting native trees, consider protecting the plants during their early stages with tree shelters. Read on to learn more about tree shelters, and discover the many benefits they can offer your young trees. 

Helps Accelerate Growth

First off, tree shelters prove to be useful for helping native plants because they can help accelerate their growth. Tree shelters provide shade acclimation, light reduction, and cause fewer stressors to hit and affect the growing native plants they are helping. As a result, these native plants are able to focus their energy more of their energy on their height growth than they would have before. When a seedling is sheltered, their height growth tends to be twice as much as those that are not, proving the importance of tree shelters to growing native plants.

Protects from Wildlife

Wildlife, including deer, birds, rodents, and insects, all can provide a variety of problems when it comes to native plants attempting to grow and thrive in their environment. Deer like to eat them, rodents chew and peel the bark, and birds perch themselves on them, damaging emerging shoots. This is why tree shelters are important to have to protect the native plants from nearby wildlife. Although the nearby wildlife is just trying to live their lives as they know how they are causing damage to these emerging native plants. Tree shelters can help keep wildlife away and protect the native plants they are surrounding from being eaten, chewed, or perched upon.

Competing Vegetation

Another aspect that native plants typically have to worry about when they are growing is competing vegetation. Although tree shelters cannot perfectly protect and help the growing native plants from competing vegetation, they can help with vegetation control. If you are using herbicide to deal with the competing vegetation around, the tree shelters you have can protect your native plants from the herbicide you are trying to use, helping them succeed in situations with competing vegetation.


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